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A Century of

Tradition and Taste

The thing about Sharrock's Bakery that distinguishes us from the rest is our legacy of "MADE IN THE USA," spanning over a remarkable 100 years. Let's take a journey into our rich history:

The Origin Story (1905)

The tale begins with the original owner, a name lost to history, who migrated from England in 1905 to contribute to the mills of historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. Though Mr. Sharrock remains a mystery, what began as a modest enterprise has blossomed into today's cutting-edge crumpets bakery.

Transition and Growth (1990)

In 1990, entrepreneur Henry DeJesus (pictured on the right) assumed ownership from his father, who had taken charge after the initial owner. Henry's father operated the crumpets bakery more as a passion project, producing around 60 packages per week.

Expansion and Innovation (1998)

Recognizing the untapped potential, Henry fine-tuned recipes for larger-scale production. By 1998, Sharrock's Bakery had relocated to Fairhaven, Massachusetts, expanding its offerings beyond hand-made crumpets to include delectable pastries, scones, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, turnovers, sandwiches, soups, and more.

Relocation and Advancements (2002)

Overwhelmed by the demand for our British-style crumpets, the small Fairhaven facility prompted a move to a larger crumpets bakery space in 2002—the former location of Manhattan Bottling Co. in New Bedford, MA. A custom-built automatic crumpets machine was introduced, accelerating production.

The Family Legacy Continues

Today, Sharrock's Bakery is a thriving family business, with Henry's daughter, Sarah DeJesus, skillfully managing daily operations, overseeing the production line, and leading our team of bakers. The Sharrock's Bakery team now crafts over 20,000 packages of crumpets weekly.

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Healthy Delights (Always)

Our non-GMO, Kosher, vegan crumpets offer a healthy alternative—fat-free and cholesterol-free. Beyond the meticulous family pride and hard work invested in each crumpets, a secret family blend of flours sets our products apart.

Experience the difference by trying our crumpets and other delightful offerings from Sharrock's Bakery, Inc. today!

Sharrock's Bakery Inc.
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Wareham, MA 02571
Telephone: (508) 997-5710

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