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Fun with Sharrock's Crumpets

Delicious, fat-free, sugar-free, no cholesterol, vegan, English crumpets!

Our British-style crumpets are a delectable addition to any breakfast. Just heat them up in the toaster or toaster oven and add your favorite toppings such as jam, marmalade, peanut butter, cream cheese, sliced fruits, meat, cheese, raisins, jelly, or any combination of toppings that you can dream of for a quick meal or snack any time of day.

Each package contains six crumpets.

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"Find delicious recipes below!"

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From Oven to Table: Culinary Adventures in Baking

A wooden plate with two english muffins and strawberries on it.

Sharrock’s Bakery Recipes – “Crumpet Pizza”

The little ones...
A plate of food with two pieces of bread and a fork.

Sharrock’s Bakery Recipes – “Crumpet Crabbies”

Everyone loves this...
Four plates of food on a table.

Apple Crumpet Bread Pudding:

6 crumpets (1...
A plate of pancakes with strawberries and blueberries.

French Toast Style Crumpets:

For the mix: ...
A white plate topped with two biscuits and some fruit.

Meat Loaf Crumpets:

Who doesn’t have...
A sandwich on a plate with lettuce and carrot.

“Sweet Crumpets”:

Toast 3 crumpets. ...
A plate of food with two biscuits and some fruit.

French Toast Style Crumpets #2:

In a bowl,...
A sandwich on a plate with lettuce and orange.

Strawberries and Cream Crumpets:

Toast your desired...
A plate of food with strawberries and other fruit.

Chicken Salad Crumpets:

Take cooked chicken,...
A cup of tea and two english muffins on a plate.

Heart Shaped Crumpets:

If you want...